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Advertising with ICA

  • ICA does not advertise on its website.
  • Listserv ads are scheduled to be sent out once per week on Friday Mornings
  • Requests sent after Wednesday afternoon or incomplete ads cannot be guaranteed to be sent out that same week.
  • Ads will run for one month before being removed for all job listings, office ads and other resources.  If the job position or office has not been filled, the ad will need to be re-sent.  Events will run until the event has passed before being removed.  
  • Cost:
    • Free to ICA members wanting to post an ad for their own behalf, directly benefiting their career.
      • ICA will not accept ads sent by members on behalf of non-members or other organizations 
    • Free for Job listings regarding counselor opportunities In Idaho
    • $25 to non-members per ad
      • Non-members can purchase an ad on the ICA Store below. 
      • Membership is currently $60.  To join, click HERE

Listserv Format

Below are graphics showing what our weekly update and listserv looks like.  

Our Listserv has the following categories:

  • Job Postings
  • Division Updates
  • Committee Updates
  • Events
  • Research Opportunities
  • Other Opportunities
    • Resources
    • Office Rentals


**If you are not a member of ICA, you will not receive a copy of your ad.  It only goes out to the membership.**

Ad Format Requirements

Please complete the following form: ICA Listserv Ad Form

  • Please provide 2-4 sentences describing your ad.  (This will be cut and pasted into the listserv)
  • Attach a flier (JPG, PNG or PDF only) with the month and year of the ad saved in the title
  • Provide contact information for members
  • Website link (if applicable)
  • Include invoice number or membership status
Other Information
  • Listserv is not sent out the two weeks leading up to and two weeks following the ICA yearly conference as efforts are focused elsewhere.
  • Ethics CE Ads will not be sent out in the month prior to the conference.
  • ICA reserves the right to alter or edit ads when working them into the listserv.
  • ICA reserves the right to refuse ads that are not in line with ICA values or mission.  
    • If paid, this ad would be refunded minus 3% for credit card processing.  
If you have questions, please contact

The Idaho Counseling Association is a Branch of the American Counseling Association

P.O. Box 1426 Boise, ID 83701

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