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***Changes are coming to the ListServ.  Please be patient as we work through the details.  

If you have any questions, please contact

Advertising with ICA

  • ICA does not currently advertise on its website. Rather, we can send relevant advertisements out on our listserv email. 
  • Listserv ads are worked on and scheduled to be sent out once per week (generally Friday) for the following week; however, requests sent after Wednesday afternoon cannot be guaranteed to go out the following week. 
  • Requests sent less than 10 days prior to the desired send date cannot be  guaranteed to go out on-time. ICA schedules listserv messages to go out twice a day (morning/afternoon) and only on weekdays in an effort to respect the frequency/quantity of emails in our members' inboxes.  
  • Messaging on the ICA Listserv is free to members and $25 to non-members. Non-members can purchase an ad on the ICA Store below. You can also become a member on our membership page.
  • Non-member ads that are for job or non-profit volunteer opportunities *in Idaho* are considered member benefits to receive; and therefore, are free to send as long as they follow the posting requirements below.
  • Paid ads will go out twice, as long as they can be sent out twice with at least two-weeks between the ads. Members can request that ads be sent out more than once, with at least two weeks between each ad.
  • ICA sends out Listserv requests on a first come, first serve basis, with ICA and ICA Division emails and member requests having priority over paid advertisements. 

*Ad Format Requirements - Please send the following to

  • If your ad does not have graphics, logos, photos, etc. (i.e. text only), please send it to this address as a Word file, with any hyperlinks activated. It will be directly cut and pasted into the message. 
  • If your ad has any graphics, logos, photos, etc., it must be sent to this email address as a one-page flyer in portrait view as a JPG or PNG file.  No text, Word, PDF, or other formats can be accepted.  Please also include a subject for the message, a link to one website you’d like your flyer hyperlinked to, and the email address you’d like responses sent to (if different than yours). If no email address is provided, the requester's email address will be used. 

The Idaho Counseling Association is a Branch of the American Counseling Association

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