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Who We Are

The Idaho Counseling Association is an organization of counseling and human development professionals who work in education, health care, residential treatment, private practice, community agency, governments and business/industry settings.


Our mission is to enhance human development throughout the life span and to promote the counseling and human development profession.


Our purpose is to enhance public confidence and trust in the counseling profession.


There is a common agreement among professional counselors that ongoing awareness, learning, and collegiality are the pathways to empowerment.  Well-informed, educated and skillful counseling professionals are whole people, responsible clinicians, and caring helpers who value the Idaho Counseling Association as an indispensable resource through which members can access essential information, opportunities for skills development, and peer interaction.  All of these experiences help members to become reflective practitioners who effectively teach their clientele to become problem-solvers in this challenging and ever-changing, global and diverse environment.  

Presidential Address

Hello Idaho Counseling Association Members,

I am honored to be stepping into the Presidency and serving ICA members.  2023 marks the 60th year this organization has been active, and leadership has been hard at work reviewing our history, successes and challenges to ensure the success of this organization for the next 60 years.  We have considered and weighed member questions, concerns and wishes and my focus this year is to rebuild trust, transparency and communication with members while strategically reorganizing the structure of the organization to be more efficient and better support the needs of our members.  

As of July 1, 2023 your current executive board comprises of the following individuals:

Past-President: Lianna Erickson-Trembath

President: Stefanie Sherman

President-Elect: Lydia Missal

Secretary: Krista Doubleday

Treasurer: Anna Baird

Grad Student Representative: Alicia M. Farina

Executive Director: Jacq Landa-Herring

I am dedicated to not only fixing what is before us but also with adding benefits for members. I am very excited to work as part of this motivated and dedicated executive team and to serve all members of the Idaho Counseling Association.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions and concerns.  


Stefanie Sherman, LCPC, NCC

Questions About Counseling

ICA is a professional support association for counselors in Idaho.

We are not a information/resource provider for non-members or the public, as we do not have the staff or resources to provide that service to the general public or non-member counselors. To become a member of ICA, please visit our membership page.  

If you have a question about general licensing requirements and/or guidelines in the State of Idaho, please visit the Idaho Division of Professional and Occupational Licenses (IDOPL) website HERE. If you have a question about interpreting the information on IDOPL's website, ICA encourages you to seek the counsel of an attorney familiar with licensure issues. ICA is not qualified to interpret licensing requirements and guidelines.

ICA does not offer counseling referrals. To find a counselor in Idaho, you can visit the Idaho search page on Psychology Today's website HERE

Contact ICA

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The Idaho Counseling Association is a Branch of the American Counseling Association

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