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ICA sends posts/advertisements out to the ICA membership of more than 550 members 2-4 times per month. Job postings and non-profit volunteer opportunities IN IDAHO are free to send out, so please do not purchase an ad here if you are advertising one of the two. To submit an advertisement, forward your receipt email to with the following: 1. Your ad as a one-page, portrait-view flyer as a JPG or PNG file or PDF (no text or word documents accepted) 2. 2-4 Sentences describing your ad with pertinent information 3. A reply email address for our members to contact you with 4. One hyperlink address (if you wish) *Please note the following: - ICA and ICA Division emails have priority in the email schedule. - ICA will not send advertisements for continuing education training occurring in the month leading up to our yearly conference. ICA cannot advertise for competing training during this time, and efforts will be focused elsewhere. - No posts/ads will be sent the 2 weeks before, the week of, and the week after the ICA Conference to allow ICA to prepare for, host, and wrap up the ICA Conference. Ad requests must be sent prior to this break. - ICA reserves the right to not post advertisements due to content, timing, or a lack of information provided. In any case where ICA chooses to not post a paid ad, a refund will be sent minus the 3% credit card processing fee that ICA pays and is not refunded.

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