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Public Policy & Legislation

The Idaho Counseling Association is dedicated to social justice in advocating for the profession through lobbying and staying on top of political issues that challenge the counseling profession here in Idaho.  A third of the yearly budget goes into providing resources and funding these efforts. 

Legislative Lunch Talking Points

Thank you for your participation in working and building the relationships with our Legislators!

What to talk about:

The best thing we can tell them is to explain to legislators who we are, what our training looks

like, and tell stories of our important work with clients. Of course, the increased need for

mental health counseling and services across the state.


  • The Idaho Counseling Association is committed to pursuing the compact legislation in this upcoming 2024 Legislative Session.
  • The compact provides the safest path to licensure portability and will allow Idaho counselors to practice across participating state lines.
  • The compact will provide much-needed relief in allowing out-of-state counselors to serve clients in Idaho, hopefully reducing the shortage of counseling services in our state.


The Idaho Counseling Association opposes legislation enacting universal licensure.

  • We feel that universal licensure does not protect the Idaho public by requiring out-of-state counselors to register to treat clients in our state, and universal licensure also restricts Idaho counselors from practicing in other states, without universal licensure, while allowing other states’ counselors from practicing in Idaho. We feel the compact legislation is a safer and fairer alternative to universal licensure.


  • The Idaho Counseling Association supports social-emotional learning within the school system

and feels that SEL provides students with the necessary skills for interacting respectfully with

peers and understanding their own emotions.

Yes - CONFIDENTIALITY (in schools)

  • The Idaho Counseling Association supports and advocates for the ethical maintenance of

confidentiality in counseling relationships with adults and children. We oppose any efforts that

create new restrictions to confidentiality created within the counseling relationship.

Public Policy & Legislation Committee Chair

Chad Yates

ICA Lobbyist

Liz Hatter

Update October 2022

The Idaho Counseling Association (ICA) is proud to announce that we are pursuing legislation

for the Counseling Compact this upcoming legislative session. Currently, the Counseling

Compact includes 14 member states, including nearby Utah and Colorado. The Counseling

Compact will increase licensure portability for practitioners while allowing member state

regulatory boards to better protect consumers through enhanced sharing of licensure information.

Existing interstate occupational licensure compacts have successfully reduced barriers for

practitioners who wish to provide services in other states.

We recognize that the Counseling Compact will benefit consumers, our members, and the

counseling profession by:

• Enhancing mobility for counselors who meet uniform licensure requirements;

• Increasing access to care for clients;

• Ensuring continuity of care when clients or counselors relocate or travel to other states;

• Allowing military personnel and spouses to more easily maintain their certifications when relocating; and

• Preserving and strengthening the current system of state licensure.

Importantly, the Counseling Compact preserves each member state’s authority to regulate the

profession. Counselors utilizing the Compact must abide by the laws and rules of the state in

which they practice, including adhering to that state’s scope of practice. More information on the compact can be found at:

Over the last year, ICA has been working closely with the Idaho Division of Occupational and

Professional Licenses (IDOPL) to gain support in pursuing legislation and planning for critical

components of the bill. We are working with our lobbyist Liz Hatter to find sponsorship and

support for this legislation. ICA members please be on the lookout for additional ICA

announcements concerning our progress with the Counseling Compact and for ways that you can support our members. ICA members wishing to learn more about the legislation can contact Dr. Chad Yates.

Dr. Chad M. Yates

Professor | Department of Counseling 

Idaho State University

Current Issues

Telemental Health Counseling

Suicide Prevention


School Counselor Ratios

Interstate Occupational Licensure Compact 

for the Counseling Profession

DRAFT Interstate Occupational Licensure Compact for the Counseling Profession

Occupational Licensing Interim Committee

On September 30th, 2020, ICA Lobbyist Liz Hatter attended this hearing

and provided the following information to ICA: 


Sunset Processes in Occupational Licensing

DRAFT: Licensure by Endorsement for Military Members, Veterans, & Spouses

ICA Legislative Luncheon

Each year during the Idaho Legislative Session, ICA hosts a luncheon for its members, legislators, committee staff, and other agency officials in an effort to discuss current issues important to the counseling profession.

Purpose & History of the Legislative Luncheon

The Public Policy & Legislation Luncheon emerged from a planning idea during ICA's Leadership Development Institute Training in June, 2013.  The mission of the event is to help Legislators learn about the many ways Counselors contribute to the well-being of Idaho's communities and to establish relationships that can be used when seeking support for counselor initiatives, locally and nationally.  

The 2023 Legislative Luncheon is currently scheduled for January 26th during the first day of the yearly ICA Conference.

If you cannot attend each year, you can support the event by encouraging others to attend or by making a donation.  We cannot do this alone and hope to have as many counselors across all the specialties and ICA Divisions.

We ask you to consider joining the ICA Public Policy & Legislative committee as we continue to advocate for this great profession!

The Idaho Counseling Association is a Branch of the American Counseling Association

P.O. Box 1426 Boise, ID 83701

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