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Interstate Occupational Licensure Compact 

for the Counseling Profession


On September 29th, 2020, ICA is provided members with an opportunity to learn more about the Interstate Occupational Licensure Compact for the Counseling Profession by holding a virtual event where counselors could provide input. 

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DRAFT Interstate Occupational Licensure Compact for the Counseling Profession

Occupational Licensing Interim Committee

On September 30th, 2020, ICA Lobbyist Liz Hatter attended this hearing

and provided the following information to ICA: 


Sunset Processes in Occupational Licensing

DRAFT: Licensure by Endorsement for Military Members, Veterans, & Spouses

ICA Legislative Luncheon

Each year during the Idaho Legislative Session, ICA hosts a luncheon for its members, legislators, committee staff, and other agency officials in an effort to discuss current issues important to the counseling profession.

Purpose & History of the Legislative Luncheon

The Public Policy & Legislation Luncheon emerged from a planning idea during ICA's Leadership Development Institute Training in June, 2013.  The mission of the event is to help Legislators learn about the many ways Counselors contribute to the well-being of Idaho's communities and to establish relationships that can be used when seeking support for counselor initiatives, locally and nationally.  

The 2021 Legislative Luncheon is currently scheduled for February 17th; however, due to COVID-19, it is unknown at this time if this event will take place.

If you cannot attend each year, you can support the event by encouraging others to attend or by making a donation.  We cannot do this alone and hope to have as many counselors across all the specialties and ICA Divisions.

We ask you to consider joining the ICA Public Policy & Legislative committee as we continue to advocate for this great profession!

Public policy & legislation



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