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Graduate Students

Are you a doctoral student in Counselor Education?

Are you a master’s student in the counseling field thinking about doctoral programs?

IACES is your professional home, and we welcome you to join us!

The Idaho Association for Counselor Education and Supervision is the professional organization committed to the advancement of quality counselor education and supervision. We support our members through national publications, opportunities for leadership and mentoring, as well as continued connections with leaders in the field.

Graduate student members of IACES are represented by graduate leaders on both the regional and national levels. Regional graduate student representatives plan and implement graduate student activities and initiatives, and work with national graduate student representatives to meet students’ needs. On the national level, the ACES Graduate Representative team gives voice to student members’ needs and concerns, plans national initiatives, and promotes graduate student connections and relationships.

As a member, you will have access to:

Regional Connections

Geographic regions are the foundation of ACES. Members are encouraged to get involved at the regional level through relationship building, conference activities, and collaborative efforts. Idaho is in the Rocky Mountain Region.


Social Media and Technology

We regularly connect to our students through technological means, including our website. In the members only portal, you will find e-newsletters, message boards, podcasts, and publications.

National Impact

IACES graduate students are informed, committed, and excited to make an impact on the field of counselor education and supervision. We are committed to furthering our field through innovative research, teaching, supervision and service. Graduate student members create and implement innovation through collaboration and relationships. With your membership in IACES, you, too, will find ways to make a difference!


The Idaho Association for Counselor Education and Supervision is a Division of the Idaho Counseling Association

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