2018 Idaho Counseling Association Conference

Equality: Advocating for Our Clients; Advocating for Our Profession

Boise Centre East

Boise, Idaho

January 24-27, 2018

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Name of entity requesting approval: Idaho Counseling Association

Full name of program: 2018 Idaho Counseling Association Conference

Date(s) of Program: 1/24/17-1/27/18

Location(s) of presentation: Boise ID

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Please select one of the following 3 categories that best fits you and your presentation.

Category 1: You have a graduate degree in a mental health field and have documented qualifications to educate on your subject.

Category 2: You have a graduate degree in any field and have documented qualifications to educate on your subject.

Category 3: You have documented qualifications to educate on your subject.

You will need to choose at least one content area to present on.


Please provide us with your qualifications to educate on your desired subject matter (i.e. what is your degree, education, or certification?) There should be a connection between the

subject matter and your qualifications.

Content Areas

Your subject matter must be connected to one of the content areas listed below. Also keep in mind that the numbers to the right indicate what type of category presenter you must be in

order to educate on the content area (i.e. if you are a Category 1 presenter, then you can educate on any content area because there is a #1 to the right of each content area).

  1. Counseling Theory/Practice and the Counseling Relationship -1

  2. Human Growth and Development - 1,2,3

  3. Social and Cultural Foundations - 1,2,3

  4. Group Dynamics and Counseling - 1

  5. Career Development and Counseling - 1,2,3

  6. Assessment - 1,2

  7. Research and Program Evaluation - 1,2

  8. Counselor Professional Identity and Practice Issues - 1,2,3

  9. Wellness and Prevention - 1,2,3

Content Description

           Please provide us with a more detailed description of your content.

Learning Objectives

Please provide us with the knowledge or skills you plan on having your learners come away with.

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