Sherene McHenry

Barry Duncan

Sherene McHenry

The 30 Minutes to Breakthrough Speaker


Imagine what it would be like if people weren’t burned out, overwhelmed or grumpy. Imagine a world characterized by respect, value and appreciation. Where conflict is actually productive and win-win solutions are the norm. Where people reach their highest potential. Imagine how productive and fun both work and life would be if such conditions existed. With the knowledge Sherene brings, they can and do.

Armed with a Ph.D. in Counseling, Sherene is keenly aware of the immense impact that strong relationships and effective communication have to individuals and to a company’s bottom line. Having spoken throughout North America, as well as in South American and Asia, Sherene is the perfect choice for your next meeting.

Sherene specializes in enhancing relationships, avoiding and overcoming burnout and creating success that lights individuals up. As the author of Pick: Choose to Create a Life You Love, Sherene has been cited in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal.

“Priceless information that revolutionizes relationships”, “You saved my life” and “Where have you been for the last 25 years?” are common responses when Sherene speaks. Even better than instant feedback, return on investment lasts long after Sherene is gone. Lives are forever changed, generations are impacted and bottom lines are improved.

Barry L. Duncan, Psy.D. is a therapist, trainer, and researcher with over 17,000 hours of clinical experience. Dr. Duncan is the director of the Heart and Soul of Change Project, a practice-driven, training and research initiative that focuses on what works in therapy, and more importantly, how to deliver it on the front lines.

Barry has received numerous awards for his contributions to the mental health field, including the Wright State University School of Professional Psychology’s first annual “Outstanding Alumnus Award,” the Menninger Foundation’s 15th Annual Award for Scientific Writing for the book The Heart and Soul of Change, and the Psychotherapy Networker “20th Anniversary All Time Top Ten Award” for the article “Exposing the Mythmakers,” recognizing it as one of the most influential features in the magazine’s history.

Dr. Duncan has over one hundred publications, including fifteen books, most of which are available at His latest books include The Heroic Client (2nd edition, Jossey Bass, 2004), Heroic Clients, Heroic Agencies: Partners for Change (2nd ed., 2010 E Edition), the 2nd edition of Brief Intervention for School Problems (Guilford, 2007), the 2nd edition of the Heart and Soul of Change: Delivering What Works (APA, 2010), and the just out, On Becoming A Better Therapist (APA, 2010).

Barry is the co-developer of the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS), Session Rating Scale (SRS), Child ORS, and Child SRS, measures designed to give clients the voice they deserve and level the therapeutic process, as well as provide clients, clinicians, administrators, and payers with feedback about the client’s response to services, thus enabling more effective care tailored to client preferences.Because of his self help books, he has appeared on “Oprah,” “The View,” and several other national TV programs. His latest self help book, What’s Right With You, challenges the business as usual mentality of “What’s wrong with you” and instead demonstrates how to rally natural resources and resiliencies to overcome life challenges.