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Meet the Idaho Counseling Association's Public Policy and Legislation Committee Team.  They are working on a number of state policy issues and represents Counselors across Idaho. 
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Kendal Tucker
Public Policy & Legislation
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Telemental Health
The ICA Distance Counseling Committee which was formed a year ago by the request of the licensure board was established to help formulate guidelines for telemental health. This committee has spent multiple hours vetting other state guidelines and watching national/federal trends in tele mental health in order to continue to promote and preserve the growth of the counseling profession.   
Most recently we have directed our attention to the Idaho Telehealth Council which comprises of many healthcare professions. This council is preparing to submit the Idaho 
Telehealth Access Act  to the Idaho legislature in late February 2015. It will “provide legislation for the delivery of healthcare services through telehealth and to authorize state agencies and licensing boards to promulgate rules governing healthcare services provided by telehealth….”
Our goal is to ensure that counselors and marriage & family therapists have a strong voice and a seat at the table as decisions are made within the framework of telehealth.
On February 5 representatives from the Idaho Counseling Association attended the IBOL board meeting.  Among other agenda items Robert Payne from the Idaho Social Work licensure board presented a draft of the model regulatory standards for technology and social work practice.  It is helpful to hear what other mental healthcare providers are preparing in regards to telehealth guidelines so, in time, we can all present a united front for telemental health to the Idaho legislative branch.  It has been exciting to join forces with the Idaho psychologists and social workers.  
We ask you to consider joining the ICA Public Policy & Legislative committee as we continue to advocate for this great profession!
Meet & Greet Breakfast – February 20, 2015

The Public Policy & Legislation Committee and Division Leaders are working diligently to bring together Legislators and Counselors.  This event emerged from a planning idea during the Leadership Development Institute Training in June 2013.  The mission of this event is on building relationships to help legislators learn about the many ways Counselors contribute to the well-being of our communities.  Our goal is to help formalize relationships, as this will help when we seek support for counselor initiatives, locally and nationally.  All counselors wanting to help strengthen our presence, we welcome you to attend.  If you are planning on attending this event, review the following:

  1. Registration is highly encouraged (see above). This will help us plan accordingly.
  2. The goal of event is on building relationships with legislators.
  3. Read TIPS for Effective Advocacy
  4. Come prepared to tell them who you are.  Feel free to share your story of how you have touched the lives of others or the work you do. Keep it concise yet memorable. 
  5. Not sure, how to engage with legislators, there will be an interest session at the ICA Annual Conference to help you. Consider you already have the relationship building skills and we encourage you to use them when visiting with legislators.

If you cannot attend event, you can support the event in other ways. You could encourage others to attend or make a donation. We cannot do this alone and hope to have as many counselors across all the specialties/divisions. 


ICA Annual Conference: Who are you?– January 31, 2014

Advocacy takes many forms. We would like to help Idaho state representatives and the community at large to learn about the profession.  During the ICA Annual Conference, we will be seeking out counselors to get a snap shot to share at the Meet & Greet in February 2014. This will be beneficial in helping legislators learn about the many roles of counselors. A picture goes a long ways.

  • We are seeking volunteers for the exhibit table at the ICA Annual Conference. Contact the PPL Chair if you would like to assist.


Creating Connections Presentations – October 2013

The Public Policy Committee, with support of division presidents, were able to conducts three different Creating Connections Presentations across the state.  The purpose of this campaign was to empower and encourage ICA members to create connections with Idaho legislators.  Ultimately, the campaign would give counselors a role in influencing laws in Idaho.  In part, the Creating Connections Presentations focused on building on a unified voice across divisions for engaging in advocacy efforts with legislators.  To date, there have been two regional trainings and one at the Idaho School Counselors Association Conference.  An additional training is scheduled during ICA’s Annual Conference at the end of January.  

ACA is working on a number of different federal policy issues to advance the profession and better serve clients. Your help is needed!  For more information on the issues we are following and ACA's advocacy efforts, e-mail the Public Policy department at  
 Click on the issues listed to pull up a briefing paper or advocacy kit on the topic, and find out how you can help us move forward.
Last week the House and Senate approved an omnibus spending bill for FY14, which the president signed on Jan. 17, 2014. ASCA is pleased the bill will level-fund the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program (ESSCP) at $49.561 million. Although we're disappointed Congress didn't restore the recent sequester cuts, we realize the preservation of this program, despite the current fiscal climate, is a step in the right direction. The FY14 funding for ESSCP is a direct result of your advocacy to save the program. 

In addition to the ESSCP funding the omnibus included an increase of $28.516 million ($90 million total) to the Safe and Drug Free School Communities and National Programs. Exact guidance on these funds has not been released, but the program references comprehensive school safety and school climate initiatives. ASCA will be sure to keep membership notified if this proves to be further opportunities for increased school counseling services.

What happens next? The U.S. Department of Education will hold a grant competition for the next round of ESSCP grantees; this typically happens around August. ASCA will notify members of the grant announcement via social networking sites, the ASCA website as well as e-mail blasts. Stay tuned.


Amanda Fitzgerald, Director of Public Policy
American School Counselor Association 


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Vision:  To establish ongoing, consistent relationships with Idaho state representatives for the purpose of advocating for public policy initiatives related to the counseling profession.

Mission:  To address the ACA national initiatives at the state level in order to have a greater impact on legislation related to the counseling profession.