Divisions of ICA

IACES - Idaho Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

IACES Logo IACES emphasizes the need for quality education and supervision of counselors in all work settings. Through the accreditation process, professional development activities, and research, IACES is working to continue to improve the education, credentialing and supervision of counselors.

ICDA - Idaho Career Development Association

ICDA Logo The purpose of ICDA is to promote a greater understanding of the meaning of work and vocation, to foster career development over the life span, and to establish and improve the standards of professional service in the field of career guidance in Idaho.

IDAMFC - Idaho Association of Marriage and Family Counselors

IDAMFC Logo The Idaho Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IDAMFC) is an organization that promotes excellence in the practice of family counseling by creating and disseminating first-class publications and media products, providing a forum for exploration of family-related issues, involving a diverse group of dedicated professionals in our activities, and emphasizing collaborative efforts.

IMHCA - Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association

IMHCA is a state branch of the American Mental Health Counselors Association - AMHCA. Membership in IMHCA is multi-disciplinary and open to professional counselors, counselor educators and counseling students who have an interest in the advancement of the mental health counseling profession.

ISCA -  Idaho School Counselor Association

ISCA Logo ISCA is the only professional organization that represents and advocates solely for Idaho school counselors.

Membership to ISCA brings you many benefits among which are professional development activities, a professional newsletter, and trained leadership to answer your questions and listen to your concerns. The mission of the Association is to promote excellence in school counseling by empowering professional school counselors to meet the needs of all Idaho's students and constituents.