About Us

The Idaho Counseling Association is an organization of counseling and human development professionals who work in education, health care, residential treatment, private practice, community agency, governments and business/industry settings.

Our mission is to enhance human development throughout the life span and to promote the counseling and human development profession.

Counselors are change agents. This brief statement can be used to guide all that we do on behalf of the clients who we serve. In this ever changing, pluralistic society, we have many ways to serve our clients. As a result, we are continually challenged to seek ways of helping that will best suit client needs. In spite of the myriad of therapeutic modalities and theoretical orientations, one thing remains constant - our want to promote the growth and development of our clients.

Whether it be in an individual setting, with students, couples, or families, we aid our clients in finding the most appropriate way for them to grow.  These same principles hold true for us as graduate students, counselors, and counselor educators.  We work to improve our helping efforts and assist clients to effect change.  We too seek to grow and develop as students, professional counselors and as counselor educators. In our quest for growth, we have studied and developed new and exciting ways to enhance our talent, skill, and overall competency.

We are the professional organization representing all licensed counselors, and those in graduate training to be counselors, in Idaho. We hope you find the informationposted on the various pages of our website helpful to you. We ask that you contact us with questions you might have as well as feedback.

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We encourage you to consider joining your fellow professionals by becoming a member of the Idaho Counseling Association. ICA is committed to advocating for school, mental health, career, counselor educators and marriage and family counselors throughout the state. With ever increasing changes and challenges for all of us in counseling careers, it continues to be critically important to support each other through our professional organizations. ICA needs your support to remain strong and vital.

As Members of ICA, We Believe...

  • Each individual has worth and dignity; we value caring and respect for self and others.
  • Positive change can be facilitated in people, organizations, and societies.
  • Awareness of current and evolving knowledge can assist in facilitating positive change.
  • Leadership requires a willingness to take risks, a readiness to take stands, and a responsibility to act on vital issues.
  • Interdependence among individuals, organizations, and societies is essential to quality human existence.

ICA Serves With Purpose and We Strive To...

  • Promote the human development process throughout the life span.
  • Promote programs that champion human rights, societal trends, and social issues.
  • Promote and recognize the global interdependence among individuals, organizations, and societies; seek opportunities for inter-professional and international collaboration.
  • Promote the education, professional development, and ethical standards and advocacy for the counseling profession.
  • Promote public policy and legislation that enhances human development.
  • Promote research and development in the counseling profession.

Your ICA membership provides:

  • Legislative Advocate to the Idaho Legislature
  • A Professional Identity
  • Professional Network Contacts
  • Professional Leadership Development, Local, Regional and National
  • Professional Development Opportunities - CEUs
  • A Statewide Newsletter
  • An Executive Director
  • Opportunity to Purchase Liability Insurance
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