SuperConference 2018:
Inspiring Across the Journey

ICA Super Conference Sponsorship Prospectus

Sponsorship Levels

Presidential Sponsor ($15,000)

Principal Sponsor ($10,000)

Diamond Sponsor ($5,000)

Platinum Sponsor ($2,500)

Gold Sponsor ($1,000) SOLD OUT

Silver Sponsor ($500) SOLD OUT

Premier Booth ($350) SOLD OUT

Standard Booth ($250) SOLD OUT

Key Conference Sponsorship

(Stand alone or add on to sponsorship level)

Conference Program Guide Badge Lanyards $5,000 (Only 1 sponsorship available)

Every attendee wears a badge. Sponsoring the badge lanyards is an exclusive opportunity and provides you with high visibility throughout the entire conference. The Lanyard sponsorship opportunity includes:

  • Logo and link to your site and identification as a sponsor on the Conference Site
  • Print Ad in the 2018 conference brochure

Sponsorship and Exhibition
Increase brand awareness, build business development leads, and
expand professional referral networks

Potential ICA Sponsor,

The need for quality education and mental health services in Idaho has never been more important than now!

·      Idaho ranks 48th  for education in the United States

·      Idaho ranks near the bottom in funding for mental health services

·      Idaho is identified as a state with limited service providers

·      Idaho ranks in the Top 10 for completed and attempted suicides- adolescents and veterans.

The Idaho Counseling Association represents Seven Divisions of Professional Counselors: Mental Health, School Counselors, Career Development, Marriage/Military/ Family, LGBTQ and Counselor Educators/Supervisors. We believe these statistics are changeable! We are asking you to partner with us in supporting Continued Education and Networking for those providing these key services for Idahoans. 

The ICA board realized that opportunities were being missed with our current schedule of Conferences. November 16-17, 2018, the Idaho Counseling Association (ICA) is partnering with the Idaho School Counseling Association (ISCA), and the other Six Divisions to bring a ‘Super’ Professional Counselor Conference to ALL Counselors in the state, knowing it takes ALL of us, working together for a better Idaho.

·      ICA has seen many changes and advancements in the mental health field in the 54 years of existence. 

·      ISCA has worked diligently with School Districts, Counselors, Administrators, and Idaho Legislators to support Counselors  spending 80% of their time with ALL Students to support Academics, Careers, and Social/Emotional skills

·      ICDA has worked timelessly with the Department of Labor to support Career/Tech Education and job education

·      ICA and its Divisions have spent the last decade conducting an annual conference to meet the needs of Counselors

·       ICA has now embarked on a new model for these annual trainings, holding conferences in Boise, ID and transitioning to one conference to share education, visibility, professional development and growth for counselors, their clients and constituents.

Our theme for this year conference is “Inspiring Perseverance Across the Journey.  Our Conference includes:

·      Nationally acclaimed keynote speaker

·      Four days of education

·      Two days (Nov. 16-17) scheduled 3 and 6 hour pertinent interest sessions with Key Note specialists

·      AND time allotted for Sponsorship interest and visitations

We look forward to your partnership to continue the visibility, professional development and growth of the counseling profession for Idahoans.


Jordan Chesler, ISCA President-Elect

Sponsorship Chair

Why sponsor the ICA Conference and exhibit your business with us?

Sponsorship Value Proposition: 
Increase brand awareness, build business development leads and expand professional referral network

1. Key Audience. The Idaho Counseling Association (ICA) Annual Conference will be the largest professional development event for mental health professionals in the state of Idaho. There are currently 3,026 registered counselors and interns in Idaho and the ICA plans to continue active recruitment and education to rapidly expand the network with both new and experienced professionals.

2. Marketing Outreach. More than 300 attendees are expected from state and National locations • Post-Card Direct Mailers and Brochure to 3,000+ registered counseling and intern professionals • Outreach to 7 specialty counseling divisions • Strategic Outreach to 4 State School Programs • Monthly E-mail Blasts online • Intensive pre-conference ramp up with emails sent 2-4 times a month in October 2018 and November 2018.

3. Business Development Leads. ICA attendees provide business development leads and an expanded referral network: mental health professionals attend from academic, community agencies, health plan, and private practice as well as other diverse sources.

4. Counseling Professional Parity and Professionalism. The ICA looks to further the professional development and networking opportunities of Mental Health Professionals to continue the promotion of mental health counseling as a key component of continued client care.  Your sponsorship promotes this goal and links your business to the mental health counseling profession.

5. Unique Business Demonstration. Demonstrate your unique products and services – tell professionals face-to-face how you can help them succeed and help support their business or clinical expertise.

6. New Networking Opportunities. Reach new professionals with key messaging about your products and services. Graduating mental health students are a key component of your business growth and visibility within the counseling community. There will be new graduates and continuing students from four CACREP-accredited in-State university programs.

7. Network Diversity. Over 20 specialty topic development sessions attracts a diverse group of professionals from across and beyond the state.

8. Consistent Local Market Brand Recognition. Promote consistent name recognition and secure brand loyalty within the established Boise market.

9. Sponsor Collaboration. Connect with over 20 projected sponsorship organizations and their network.

10. Low Cost Professional Development and training for your Team. Provide professional development, education credits and networking for your staff and business with a discount on conference registrations in addition to complimentary registrations as part of some sponsorship levels. 

Exhibitor/Vendor Only

Exhibitor pricing includes:

  • Exhibition space which includes one skirted table each day of the conference
  • Recognition in conference program
  •  A logo link and listing as a Conference Exhibitor on the ICA website for one year

Exhibition Pricing Tiers

Exhibit Tier


Available Tables



High traffic area inside Ballroom




Main Hallway 



The table below provides a quick comparison guide to our sponsorship levels. All sponsor levels have a limited number available so please call us today to confirm your placement and reserve your spot!

Become a Sponsor Today!

Contact Jordon Chesler, ICA Sponsorship Chair at (208) 539-7960 or to learn more!















Number available








Top placement on all print

Top placement on all print

Second tier placement on all print

Third tier placement on all print

Fourth tier placement on all print

Fifth tier placement on all print

Conference Program

Full page of your choice

Full page

1/2 page

1/4 page

1/8 page

Flyer added to conference bag


Top placement with link for one year

Second tier logo with link or one year

Third tier logo with link for one year

Fourth tier logo with link for one year

Fifth tier logo with link for one year

Sixth tier logo with link for one year

Verbal presentation

15 mins to introduce Key Note speaker

10 minutes of time at annual luncheon






Both general sessions

Both general sessions

Both general sessions

Both general sessions

Both general sessions

Both general session

Exhibition space

Three skirted tables in prime traffic area for 2 conference days

Two skirted tables in high traffic area for 2 conference days

One skirted table in high traffic area for 2 conference days

One skirted table for 2 conference days

One skirted table for 2 conference days

One skirted table for 2 conference days

Annual Awards Luncheon Tickets

10 complimentary, additional at 50% discount

4 complimentary, additional at 50% discount

2 complimentary, additional at 50% discount

2 complimentary, additional at 50% discount

Tickets can be purchased for 50% of full value

Tickets can be purchased for 50% of full value

Conference registrations

5 complimentary, additional at 50% discount

2 complimentary, additional at 50% discount

2 complimentary, additional at 50% discount

Registrations can be purchased for 50% of full value

Registrations can be purchased for 50% of full value

Registrations can be purchased for 50% of full value

Mailing list of attendees for Business Development



Additional Cost

Additional Cost

Additional Cost

Additional Cost

NEW 2018 High value free additions

Free Conference bag

Free Friday Lunch Attendee Name Tags

Free Friday Breakfast Saturday Breakfast Pre-Conference Lunch

Free Graduate Student Luncheon or Emerging Leaders Gathering or Friday Afternoon Snack Break or Convention Wi-Fi Service or Distinguished Presenter or custom addition

Free Coffee Service

Free Coffee Service

Free Conference Session Presentation slot (90 mins)

Free Exclusive Pre conference Meet n’Greet table Free Supported Video host production for conference



Essential Conference Information

Conference Location

Boise State University, Student Union Building

Conference Dates

Conference: November 16-17, 2018                                                                                           Pre-Conference Trainings: November 14 & 15, 2018 

Conference Exhibition Plan

The event will occupy 14,125 sq. feet. Exhibition tables will be laid out according to a professional space plan included on the following page. All spaces will be available on a first come first served basis.

Conference Preparation Key Timeline





Marketing Summary and Logos Due

September 28th, 2018

By 5pm MT

Last day to submit 40-word product descriptions for inclusion in 2018 Conference Program Guide.

Sponsorship Cancellation Deadline

September 1st, 2018

By 5 pm MT

Sponsorship cancellations on and before today forfeit 50% of fee. Cancelations after today forfeit entire fee.

Last day to get bag giveaways included

Monday, November 12th, 2018

By 5pm MT

Day 1 - Pre-Conference

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018


Day 2 – Pre-Conference

Thursday, November 15th, 2018


Exhibit Installation

Thursday, November 15th, 2018


Installation must be completed by 7:00pm

Day 1 - Conference

Friday, November 16th, 2018


Day 2 – Conference

Saturday, November 17th, 2018


Exhibit Breakdown

Saturday, November 17th, 2018


Exhibit must not be disturbed, dismantled or removed before 4:00pm on Saturday, November 17th, 2018. Please make travel plans accordingly.

Thank you to our Current 

 Super Conference Sponsors

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