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Friday keynote

Kent A. Corso, PsyD, BCBA-D

Attending to Suicide Risk

An Ethical Mandate (1.5 CE)(ethics)

The U.S. has never witnessed a period in history, whereby the suicide rate was deliberately and continuously suppressed through public health campaigns and programs. This means our suicide rates have steadily increased since the Centers for Disease Control began monitoring suicide. Even more daunting is the recent research showing that our ability to predict suicidal behaviors across our population is poor. About 50% of mental health graduate school programs offer formal training in suicide management and the average duration of this training is 90 minutes. How can our field be so ill-prepared when the entire world looks to the us for assistance with suicidal youths or adults? Attending to suicide risk is our ethical obligation and we can do a better job of identifying and assessing it.  Professional counselors can be a critical part of the solution by adopting a few simple professional habits. This 90-minute keynote reviews the gaps in our collective ability to manage suicidal persons, common misunderstandings about suicidal persons and helps counselors improve their ability to manage suicide ethically – as gatekeepers, clinicians and leaders – by using evidence-based skills.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain why asking clients and others about suicide is an ethical obligation.
  2. Identify the ethical dilemmas associated with common mistakes counselors make when managing suicidal youths or adults.
  3. Explain how ambivalence about living pertains to suicide.  
  4. Using the knowledge learned in this session, apply it to the themes of the 2019 conference, explaining how this knowledge is relevant.

Saturday keynote

Michael Sapiro, PsyD

Exploring the ground of being

The healing art and science of meditation and awareness practices (1.5 CE)

This talk will introduce the science and art of mindfulness, compassion, and awareness as they relate to clinical work and expanded human potential/thriving/well-being. This interactive and dynamic presentation will introduce concepts and practices that guide therapists and clients alike to a place of innate well-being and thriving. 

Meditative and awareness based practices have been shown to reduce a variety of mental health concerns and physical symptoms, increase emotional resiliency, self-regulation, and focus, and to reconnect people to their deeper sense of purpose.  Dr. Sapiro will introduce his 5-step awareness-based approach for living deeply and making long-lasting sustained changes.  His approach integrates science, psychology, and spirituality to foster personal awakening, in order to cultivate collective transformation for those we serve in our communities.  His work is grounded in Buddhist psychology and his and his colleagues' research on human consciousness and transformation from the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

In this presentation Dr. Sapiro will offer an experience of what he calls the "ground of being", a state in which we find ourselves to be whole and unbroken even while experiencing distress.  Through specific meditative and compassion-based practices we as healers, and our clients, can experience spacious awareness that becomes the very well-spring of ease and health that we are seeking. This approach does not discount the suffering we or our clients encounter, but rather helps us develop spaciousness and a deep sense of care for all experiences as they arise, without judgement.  This presentation will be experiential and interactive, with guided meditations and reflection activities that foster mindfulness, compassion, and awareness.  

Learning Objectives:

1. To introduce the science and art of mindfulness, compassion, and awareness as they relate to clinical work and expanded human potential/thriving/well-being

2. Talk about these practices as a way to serve our selves, to bolster self-care while we serve others 

3. Introduce how these practices can be used with clients and patients in the therapeutic setting

kent a. corso

Dr. Kent A. Corso is a licensed clinical psychologist and board certified behavior analyst. His experience in military and veteran suicide prevention began almost two decades ago, when he was served in the U.S. Air Force. Since then, Dr. Corso has researched, developed and trained others to implement evidence-based methods of suicide prevention and intervention across America and internationally. He has published numerous peer-reviewed research papers and delivered countless talks on suicide prevention. His technical competence in suicide prevention combined with his expertise in applied behavior analysis makes him the first and leading expert in America to employ these scientific methods and technologies to evaluate suicide at the community level.

michael sapiro

 Michael Sapiro, PsyD is a clinical psychologist, Dharma teacher, meditation researcher, and former Buddhist monk.  He is on faculty at Esalen Institute and is a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences where he engages in research on meditation, transformation, and consciousness.  He completed his postdoctoral fellowship in advanced psychology at the Boise VA Medical Center where he specialized in rural health, PTSD, and combat trauma.  Dr. Sapiro teaches nationally on the art and science of transformation, expanded human capabilities, self-care, and meditation for personal and community growth.  He is the founding teacher of Maitri Sangha Boise, an integrated Buddhist community, and director of Maitri House Yoga, LLC, serving the community through integrating meditation practices, psychology, noetic sciences, and social justice.  He can be found at  He and his wife, Chef Sararak, own and operate Lime and a Coconut: The Art of Thai Cuisine, and together lead international meditation and culinary retreats to Thailand.   

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