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Identity and confidence stand at the heart of most problems. Through an expressive journal, clients begin to know themselves and comfortably speak true feelings even when pressured to conform.

The journal brings us upright - to stand with confidence, integrity and generosity of spirit. Alone on the page we discover who we are, what we think, and how we want to live. It seems so simple - writing works!

Expressive Therapy is today’s cutting edge in counseling & therapy. Long recognized as a superior teaching approach in education, experiential learning is equally powerful in therapy. With growing evidence from neuroscience, therapists are discovering that personal change is promoted when clients have experiences above and beyond talk therapy. With this comes a new appreciation for creative healing therapies: writing, poetry, art, music, play, drama, and photography .

As a therapist trained in expressive journal therapy, you promote a focused-state-of-mind helping clients unlock mindfulness, confidence, and resiliency as well as better relationships, and creative thought.

Participants in Righting By Writing will experience how personal writing and creativity opens the doors to self-awareness, confidence, and potential solutions for conflicts and personal dilemmas. Handouts will offer many (20) ideas for writing assignments, including assignments for those who are bashful or reticent to write. (The assignments work for counselors as well as client.)

Based on principles of narrative therapy, journal therapy, biblio-therapy, and poetry therapy, the presentation invites counselors to help the client discover his/her innate wisdom rather than offer solutions and advice.

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